Adega Cooperativa Ponte da Barca

Placed on the heart of the Alto Minho, at the North of the country, in the beautiful and typical region of Ponte da Barca, rich land of legends and myths and where nature’s beauty remains intact, where civilization grows between tones of green and the luminosity of mountains, valleys and rivers, we can find the Adega Cooperativa de Ponte da Barca.
Established in 1963 provisionally, has started its activity in 1968. Three years later has started with the bottling and the direct trade of its wines and in 1977 all of its production was already commercialized through bottles.
According a sensible policy of investments, the winemaking process have been modernized, with all changes been applied with respect of the region traditions and with the objective to maximize it’s potential, in order to guarantee the typicality, quality and reputation of its products in world market. Additionally, have also been made other investments, not only in his laboratory for guaranty an effectively quality control, but also in the human resources and in the reducing of the environment impact of its production activity.
Adega Cooperativa de Ponte da Barca have currently approximately 1.000 associates, with around 900 hectares of vineyards producing grapes, mainly located in the Lima and Vez river valleys, with a medium producing of 2,5 million liters and a capacity of around 4,5 million liters.
The growing visibility of Adega Cooperativa de Ponte da Barca, after 50 years producing Vinho Verde, not only in a national level but also in the international markets where its wines are present, given the excellence of them, has been received unanimous praise from specialized critics and consumers in general, reason of numerous awards. The Vinho Verde from Adega Cooperativa de Ponte da Barca is characterized by the great value and peculiarity of the prevailing castes of the region, excellence of the natural conditions with exceptional climatic and demographic exposition, the history and culture of his people, whose the great commitment and dedication make this wine a unique product in the world, producing wines with uniqueness of aromas and flavors, moderate alcohol content, fresh, low-calorie, fruity, well balanced and easy to drink.
The range is wide, wines resulting of blends with several varieties or the single varieties, the offer is large and the choice of Vinhos Verdes Adega Ponte da Barca an art!
Focused on ensuring its position as one of the leading producers and sales agent of Vinho Verde, the Adega Cooperativa de Ponte da Barca, together with other wineries of the region, had founded in 2008 the company Viniverde SA. Its creation embodies the will of all the Viniverde SA shareholders in sedimentary the position of its own brands and Viniverde brands, not only in the internal market but mainly in the external market.