Bodega Iniesta

Bodega Iniesta was created in the 1990’s when José Antonio Iniesta started this project with a plantation of 10 hectares of vineyards. After several years and given the results obtained, he continued his work in viticulture by planting different varieties and increasing the vine-growing area to the current 120 hectares. Bodega Iniesta is in charge of the whole process from the vineyards to the commercialisation of the wines. At the beginning of the 2000’s, an idea began to take shape to build his own wine cellar in order to produce his own wines from his own vineyards. This dream became a reality in 2010, when the construction of the wine cellar was complete. That same year, the first wines were produced.

The project, The beginnings
Located in the heart of La Manchuela, between the basins of the Rivers Cabriel and Júcar, lies Bodega Iniesta, in Fuentealbilla, province of Albacete. A new wine cellar built to achieve the dream of the Iniesta Lujan Family, in their viticulture experience since the 1970’s. There are currently over 120 ha of vines of autochthonous varieties: Macabeo, Bobal, Graciano, etc., and international varieties: Chardonnay, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc…, situated in the MANCHUELA D.O., alongside the wine cellar equipped with the latest technology for wine production. All of this is managed by an excellent technical team of oenologists of recognised prestige, and combined with the family’s enthusiasm and efforts it results in its range of top quality red and white wines. With the aim of meeting the consumers’ demands, the Iniesta Lujan family has come onto the market showing its gratitude to the trust placed in its products by the consumers, in the hope they will enjoy the produce of our land, produced with all the professionalism and enthusiasm of a family and its professional team.We can now offer, with the desired guarantee, the first wines to be launched on the market under the “CORAZÓN LOCO” and “FINCA EL CARRIL” brands, in the confidence that they will be enjoyed by the consumers. Our most sincere thanks to all those who accompany us and encourage us in the growth of this project.
At present, Our vineyards and wine cellar
Bodega Iniesta is a family-run wine cellar in which this family controls the whole vineyard and the production and commercialisation of its wines from its own vineyards in Fuentealbilla.