Bodegas Infante

Bodegas Infante, S.L. was began its walking with the purchase of barrels, wine and reservations mothers Bodegas Vallejo in Bollullos par del Condado (Huelva), when they closed in 1993; such wineries date back to 1870, established by Fermín de los Casares (originally from Campollo – City Council of Potes – Cantabria) and continued by his descendants until that date.

From its inception Bodegas Infante is committed to the task of rescuing specialties winery than previous years was famous to the region of the Condado de Huelva, which mixing modern technology with traditional methods has produced brandies, with features that old winemakers contour , remembered as a classic of the County. Also, rescuing the old techniques of making wine Almonte Old Color (cooked Mosto, until almost blended with wines caramelization previous vintages (base of authentic Modena Method) and making acetify in Criaderas of oak and chestnut, we make our vinegars.

Bodegas Infante is located in the central area of the region of Huelva (Andalucia, Spain), wine zone County, is neighbor of Jerez, traditional rival of the same by the similarity of their specialties in wine, although differing in the characteristics of their Brandys, because in the Condado they are enriched by the contribution of special wines of the area, making them softer and pleasing to the most delicate palates, so they are highly appreciated and priced in markets where they occur.