Csányi Pincészet Zrt.


Villány – homeland of the Hungarian red wine

Villány is the southern most and one of the oldest wine-growing region of Hungary, having very beneficial climatic conditions. It is at the same geographical latitude as the northern part of the Bordeaux wine-growing region. Its climate is considered to be unique from the aspect of viticulture, because the ranges of the Villányi Mountain parries the unfriendly, cold winds from the north, at the same time the warmth of the southern slopes protected from many sides is strengt hened by the mild air arriving from the region of the Mediterranean Sea. The vicinity of the river Drava provides early morning dew to the vineleaves, so even in the hot sum mer days the plantations are fresh and strong. The dawn dew positively affects grape growing as it encourages the flying in sects to assist in the process of pollination to the plantations. The limestone mass of the Szársomlyó Mountain is covered by several meters of highly nutritional, thick loess layers and it operates like a “giant tile stove”. It ab sorbs warmth in the day time and slowly releases it back to the grapes on cold nights. The volume of annual water fall is around 700 millimetres, the number of annual sun light hours reaches 2100, and the average temperature of the vegetation period is 17.5 °C, the highest in Hungary. An interesting geological phenomenon of this region is the geothermic layers permeating hot waters which keep the roots of the vines warm from be low. Hot water springs with curative effects are common in the Villányi Mountain, like the world-famed spa resort of Harkány.

The sub Mediterranean microclimate, rich in light gives an excellent, fiery, full-bodied wine.

Strictly examined vineyards

Methods of viticulture significantly affect the harvested grapes, hence the quality of the wine. Excellent wines can only be produced from healthy and carefully grown grapes. The vineyards of Csányi Winery are located on the best slopes of the Villány wine region. The most important ones are Kopár, Csillagvölgy and Hársos. Our whole area is over 380 hectares, with a production area of about 370 hectares. The grapes produced are Cabernet varieties (44%), Merlot (17%), Kékfrankos /Blaufränkisch/ (16%), (Portugieser and Pinot Noir (both 8%) and some other types (7%).

When, according to our plans, we can repurchase the vineyards used by specific groups of producers, our area will exceed 400 hectares.

In order to achieve the best quality wine possible, we only use – even during the continuous plantation rocess -, such methods and technology which take the advantageous soil and climate conditions into consideration. We determine the quantity of the vine by considering all the relevant conditions of the area, the climate and the grapes, and practice the quality improving effects of yield limitation.


“No good wine is produced without commitment”, declared Zsigmond Teleki, without whose activity in the area of grapevine breeding European viticulture would now be poorer. Setting ourselves a special challenge, we have named our classic family of wines after Teleki.

Beyond their rootstock breeding activity, their legendary wine, Chateau Teleki, used to bring well-earned success and fine reputation for the Teleki family. The great premium category Bordeaux style red wines match similar wines of the best private producers.

“Kővilla” (Stone Villa) is embraced by our vines on the southern slopes of Csillagvölgy. Our premium wine selection called Kővilla Selection was inspired by the majestic air and unique beauty of the building.

The exclusive quality Csányi Selection product range of our Winery was created by the domestication of undoubtedly the best grapes grown in our best fields in Villány. These wines represent genuine value and offer a unique experience to lovers of wines.