Established in 1948 by Fred Douglas Laing, we specialise in the selection and release of specialist, craft Scotch Whiskies. We hand select the finest, and often rarest, Scotch Whisky stocks from across all of Scotland’s Whisky regions and bottle them as the Distiller intended: At high alcohol strength, and without colouring or chill-filtration.



Established in 1948 by Fred Douglas Laing – or FDL as he was affectionately known in the industry – Douglas Laing & Co. is one of just a handful of Whisky companies in Scotland that are still family owned. Now in its third generation, at the helm of Douglas Laing are Fred Hamilton Laing (Fred Jr.) and his daughter, Cara Laing.

Almost 70 years on from its humble beginnings, the single goal of Douglas Laing & Co remains unchanged: To exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers around the world by offering the most special, quality-driven and unique Scotch Whisky experience. And so, we continue to do what we do best, firstly by creating the finest Blended Scotches in their traditional sense, and more recently by using those same skills to offer the best “Vatted” Malts, demonstrated by our Remarkable Regional Malts collection. Secondly, our stock holding allows us to offer wonderful Single Casks of aged Single Malt and Single Grain Scotch Whiskies, as natural as they get: Proudly without chill-filtration or colouring and at a high alcohol strength to preserve maximum spirit flavour and character.