Javier Asensio

Bodegas Asensio is a winery with a long path in the world of wine since 1994 when we started this amazing adventure of elaborating different types of wines using our own grapes. Since then, the founder of the winery, Javier Asensio, who also gives his name to the wines, has always worked hard to do his best both in the vineyard, essential to have a good product, and in the wine cellar.

In 2014, we decided that it was the right time for the generational shift. Since that moment, I, Nacho Asensio, the founder’s son and his co-worker during all these years, am the person in charge of the winery.

When a generational shift occurs there are two possible ways to follow: to continue with the same work philosophy, or to provide the business with a new identity which reflects the new bussiness’ management. This second option is the one I chose.

In this new personal project I want to look at the future without forgetting the past. I want both, the past and the future, to be reflected in the winery’s new design and in the new logotype. The whale is a symbol that reminds me to my great-grandfather, a good man who signed onto the crew of a ship when he was young and got impressed the day he saw a whale for the first time. He could never forget that majestic and noble animal and spent all his life talking about it. In that sense the whale of the logo represents my ancestors, the past, but our coloured and modern whale is also a symbol of the present moment.

When starting a new project the most important thing is to know where you want to go but it is also very important not to forget where you come from.

Nacho Asensio