natural wineBodega La Encina
Natural wines

organicFounded in 1974. The vines have been treated as organic since 1998.
The owner and winemaker is Mr. José María Espí.
The plantation is called Casa Malanca, it has about 50 hectares of vineyard, 50 hectares of almond trees + 3 hectares of olive trees. In this area beekeeping is practiced, especially for the almond trees, but certainly benefits the entire ecosystem.
The annual production of grapes is 150,000 kg on average. In the winery is produced between 60,000 and 80,000 liters of wine. The leftover grapes are sold.

biodynamicThese wines comes from biodynamic agriculture, so no chemical fertilizers or products that are aggressive to nature are used.

no added sulphitesThe elaboration of the wine is natural, without artificial yeasts, without sulphites added (only the ones of the natural elaboration that are very small), using the room temperature (there are no installations of cold or heat).
The lunar calendar is followed for the field tasks and bottling, when the magnetism between earth and moon is lower, so the particles and the wines are more transparent and calm, which makes them more suitable for bottling without filter.

No rushes.
No chemicals.
No added sulphites.

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